Zero foil packaging

Zero foil packaging

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Solutions groups

Stunning finishes for health and beauty packaging with zero plastics. A new kind of beautiful.

Gorgeous, glossy food packaging finishes with no added plastics. Food for thought?

Offer your customers a delivery experience they love, (without hidden plastics that they don’t).

Electrifying looks, zero plastics…stay current with stunning, eco-friendly finishes for TV and electronics packaging.

Stylish, glamorous and recyclable finishes for fashion packaging. Now that’s our kind of makeover.

Eco-friendly, zero plastic finishes for household goods packaging. Because home is where the heart is.

Pets are part of the family, and family deserves the best. Eco-friendly, premium finishes for pet supply packaging.

Stunning, zero plastic finishes for sport and outdoor pursuits packaging. A formula fit for champions.

Media and advertising without hidden plastics? We've yet to find an audience that won't love what they see.

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You want to be instagrammable. Packle has the right solution for you. Stand out from the crowd with sensorial experience and innovative design.

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