Baby Care

Baby Care

From baby soap to shampoo, we don’t know a parent that isn’t analysing every inch of child care products before deciding to purchase. Showcase another reason to pick up your product: zero plastic packaging.

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When it comes to children’s care products, parents choose brands that are sensitive and gentle – not just for their babies, but for the planet, too.

Parents want only the best when they’re buying products for their babies. Products that use natural ingredients and fewer unnecessary additives are ever more popular choices, but the focus isn’t only on what’s on the inside – mums and dads are increasingly thinking about the possibilities to recycle and be eco-friendly, too, especially when it comes to what’s on the outside: packaging.

Parents are also looking to use brands that share the same values that they do, and to do that they’re looking to buy from companies that favour sustainability – after all, the desire to look after the planet’s resources will never be stronger than when you’re raising the next generation. 

Packle’s solution offers a little peace of mind for consumers looking for greener finishing options: not only does the packaging look great or have a unique finish, it’s completely plastic free, too. Oh, and did we mention that our solution provides fantastic clarity for text and instructions – so you can tell parents why your product is best for babies in an instant (because we know that sleep deprivation makes reading the small print hard…yes, we’ve been there.)


  • Packle’s solution provides fantastic precision printing that makes images, instructions and your brand’s story clear and concise
  • Use packaging to create an instant connection with parents who want to understand why your product is best for their baby in the competitive childcare product market
  • Highlight that your brand doesn’t just care about products that are great for babies, but you’re a company that looks out for the planet with eco-friendly packaging, too
  • Satisfy consumer demand for zero plastic packaging options


  • Baby blues, dusty pinks, soft yellows or pastel greens (and everything in-between). We provide environmentally friendly packaging finishes in colours that are perfect for babies
  • Packle’s finishing solution allows for fun prints and adorable images on your packaging or labels
  • Our finishing solutions are ideal for different types of merchandise such as bottles, tubes, tubs and packets


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Index Value
Packle Pro support Included
Weight 150 gr
Recommended metallic colors
Custom Colors
Available in UltraShine
Custom finishes
Brushed, Linen, Pinhead, Shine
Available in Holographic
Available two sided coating
Reverse gloss
Print methods Gravure, UV Offset, Flexography, Digital
Ink advice included
Delivery Rolls, sheets
Recyclable 100%
Augmented Reality Prototype On request
Other finishes and options Contact us

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