Our foil free finishes create sumptuous, contemporary looks for your packaging. Unbox your imagination.


  • Packle's face stock adds an additional layer of protection to boxes as it's resilient to humidity, moisture and friction
  • Our finishes are plastic and foil free, which means they're eco-friendly
  • Incorporate tamper resistant features
  • Use custom holography to help guard against counterfeit products


  • Unlimited design opportunities: despite being eco-friendly, you can incorporate any of the contemporary design styles and looks you presently enjyo
  • Choose from a variety of tactile finishes that are appealing to consumers
  • Packle's product is print ready, so you can quickly incorporate new designs to your packaging whenever you want
  • Perfect for highlighting modern technology and cutting edge products


  • Compatible with all modern printing technologies
  • Packle's solution is lightweight, so brands need not worry about increased shipping costs
  • Our product can help to shorten and streamline supply chains
  • Packle's solution is fast drying, which means packaging can be assembled quickly without undue delay


Index Value
Packle Pro support Included
Weight Varies per project
Recommended metallic colors
Custom Colors
Available in UltraShine
Available in Holographic
Available two sided coating
Reverse gloss
Delivery Rolls, sheets
Recyclable 100%
Augmented Reality Prototype On request
Other finishes and options Contact us

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