Gift wrap

Gift wrap

Ideal for producers of gift wrap who want to design beautiful, bespoke wrapping paper that’s recyclable: we’ve got all the characteristics you’re looking for. Glossy, metallic and plastic free, eco-friendly wrapping has never looked better.


  • Durable, high-quality paper that is resilient to tears (and the dreaded breaking corners)
  • Update or change designs with ease - there's no need to recommit to the same look if you want to introduce new colors, finishes or even textures
  • Work with our in-house team who are on hand to provide support with design and production
  • Create unique holographic looks
  • Satisfy growing customer demand for recyclable wrapping, without losing the appeal of your paper


  • Create gift wrap that's more memorable: we can give you high-end, metallic finishes
  • Unlimited design options: choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colours
  • Create a truly unique look with bespoke holographic designs - perfect for brands and producers alike
  • Infinite color options


  • Suitable for use with all contemporary printing techniques
  • Plastic free and fully recyclable
  • Our product is easily interchangeable on printing machines, meaning it is perfect for a quick turnaround between different paper designs
  • Dries quickly


Index Value
Packle Pro support Included
Weight 150 gr
Recommended metallic colors
Custom Colors
Available in UltraShine
Available in Holographic
Available two sided coating
Reverse gloss
Delivery Rolls, sheets
Recyclable 100%
Augmented Reality Prototype On request
Other finishes and options Contact us

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