Why you need Packle

Why you need Packle

Packle helps brands shine without plastics

Recyclable, premium packaging finishes

Packle produces glossy, recyclable finishes that will delight your clients and perform on the shelf (#win).

We're not just a supplier, though. We also pride ourselves on offering a professional service and having a team who’ll go above and beyond to make your life easier and get the job done on time. (Every. Single. Time).

Need free mockups? Done.

Samples for your clients? In the post. 

In need of some creative input or someone to spark some ideas? Call us.

Challenge or roadblock in your packaging project? We'll do whatever we can to help.

That's the Packle promise.

Shine without hidden plastics

We launched Packle to free the world from hidden plastics:

  • Hidden plastics are all around you in packaging finishes
  • Shiny, glossy looks have always been a preferred choice for packaging
  • Your brand story is unique and deserves to shine
  • Packle allows you to do just that - without hidden plastics
  • Reflect your true values but don't give up on the looks you love

If you’re impatient to see the appeal of metallized packaging and labels for yourself, download our app now!

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Compare Packle’s metallized paper with traditional packaging

Index Metallized board Packle
Contains polyester
Labelling, Wash off, Die cutting
Flatness, Ink retention, Ice water resistant
Heat retention, Heat barrier, Light barrier
Thickness base paper, Stiffness