Gift Card

Gift Card

What if it was possible to give a little bit more? Presenting high-shine, premium finishes for gift card packaging that are recyclable and eco-friendly.

Stand out from the competition with a label and packaging that gets noticed.


  • Packle presents the perfect surface for card adhesion and glueing while releasing the card easily when the consumer is ready to use it
  • Our innovative finishes don't include plastics, making them an appealing option for eco-conscious brands
  • Easily customizable backing to match the designs of your gift cards
  • Include measures to combat counterfeits


  • Choose from a variety of contemporary finishes that are highly appealing to consumers
  • Because our product is ready for printing, it's easy to change designs for different seasons or holidays
  • Incorporate holographic imagery that are unique to your or choose patterns from our extensive library
  • Timeless appeal: even of your gift cards have an extensive validity, you can still rely on our finishes to look fantastic


  • Perfect for use with a variety of inks and contemporary printing and converting machinery
  • It's easy to switch designs, so you can update the looks if your gift cards as often as you like
  • Our product allow for a simplified supply chain which helps brands cut production times
  • Our face stock isn't just pretty: it is a highly functional and reliable option for card adhesion


Index Value
Packle Pro support Included
Weight 150 gr
Recommended metallic colors
Custom Colors
Available in UltraShine
Available in Holographic
Available two sided coating
Reverse gloss
Print methods Gravure, UV Offset, Flexography, Digital
Ink advice included
Delivery Rolls, sheets
Recyclable 100%
Physical Prototype
Augmented Reality Prototype On request
Other finishes and options Contact us

What have you got to give?

We have the perfect solutions to add innovative, engaging finishes to your gift card designs. Interested to hear more, or perhaps you have a question? Reach out to us and we'll be right in touch.