Oral Cosmetics

Oral Cosmetics

Provide your oral cosmetic products with all the fresh and bright packaging looks your consumers are used to (but do it with zero plastic to make it better for the environment).

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A smile never goes out of fashion, and the competitive oral cosmetics market proves it. Our packaging solution helps your products shine on the shelf.

Never has a stunning smile been more desirable, and consumers are consistently turning to your brand and products assist them to obtain and maintain great oral health and beautiful teeth.

But today’s consumers aren’t only concerned about the health of their mouths – they’re also dedicated to ensuring that they’re doing everything they can to care for the environment, too. So when it comes to oral cosmetics, consumers are turning to brands which use fewer unnecessary plastics but still provide the red-carpet results they desire.

Typically, plastic-free packaging has meant bland unicolour boxes, but we all know that products that help produce Hollywood smiles can’t be sold in anything less than packaging that looks and feels glamorous and dazzling.

Packle offers a solution which gives oral cosmetics all the best packaging looks (which means pearly, iridescent, matte, shiny and a multitude of other amazing finishes) with no plastic. It’s easily recyclable and better for the environment than other alternatives, and you don't lose any of the premium feel of your products.

So that’s all the packaging looks your consumers love, with none of the plastics (which by our reckoning, is something to smile about).


  • Oral cosmetics consumers have a clear idea of the results they want your products to produce: use your packaging to connect and showcase what you can offer your consumers
  • Provide today’s conscientious consumer with zero plastic packaging options for their oral cosmetics products


  • Packle’s solution allows for various high-end looks ideally suited to colours and finishes consumers expect in the oral cosmetics market
  • Easily adaptable to cater to new products and associated packaging trends (charcoal toothpaste, anyone?)


  • Compatible with different printing techniques
  • Packle’s solution allows for high-performance printing during the die-cutting process, giving a sharper finish than some conventional methods which use plastics
  • We offer a print-ready solution, which can shorten the print process and streamline lead times


Index Value
Packle Pro support Included
Weight 150 gr
Recommended metallic colors
Custom Colors
Available in UltraShine
Available in Holographic
Available two sided coating
Reverse gloss
Print methods Gravure, UV Offset, Flexography, Digital
Ink advice included
Delivery Rolls, sheets
Recyclable 100%
Augmented Reality Prototype On request
Other finishes and options Contact us

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