Sustainable chocolate packaging

Sustainable chocolate packaging

Paper-based, recyclable packaging for chocolate

Why are brands looking for sustainable chocolate packaging?

Sustainable chocolate packaging options have presented a challenge to chocolate and confectionery producers for a while: finding a sustainable alternative to traditional PET films and aluminum foils with all the same technical characteristics and direct food contact approval hasn’t been straightforward.

Chocolate bars are typically wrapped in one of two ways: aluminum foil (in direct contact with the chocolate) and a decorative paper sleeve that fits over the whole bar, or PET films, serves as both primary and secondary packaging.

While both options are technically perfect for chocolate wrapping, increasingly brands and consumers are looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging choices. PET wrappers have proven to be hard to recycle, and chocolate manufacturers are keen to move away from the two different wrapping elements of aluminum and paper chocolate packaging, which can be more costly and time-consuming to produce.

Maintaining the visual appeal of chocolate wrapping

At first glance, paper can seem like an ideal replacement for both PET and the aluminum wrap with a paper sleeve. For some brands, paper for direct food contact can be a perfect solution: last year, Nestlé's KitKat brand in Japan successfully made the switch. 

That said, for many companies, it’s still not so simple: many chocolate producers have marketed their products around a rich, decadent and premium product, and glossy, shiny looks for chocolate wrapping are a firm preference for consumers and the brand itself. Especially for larger, multinational companies that have household-name chocolate brands, moving towards recyclable packaging for chocolate can’t come at the cost of the premium look of their chocolate bars, nor at the expense of losing the visual appeal that is expected by consumers.

Packaging materials suitable for direct food contact

While most chocolate producers are keen to move to eco-friendly packaging, particularly those manufacturers that have used PET in the past are eager to maintain ‘one-stop-shop’ wrapping. By this, we mean using a chocolate wrapper material that is suitable for direct food contact, rather than moving to a wrap option that includes a sleeve. Speed, convenience and the trend towards simpler, less wasteful packaging lead the trend. 
Working with a trusted producer who has the right equipment, qualifications and understanding of how to produce packaging for direct food contact is also a key consideration for brands looking to make changes to their packaging supply chain.

Packle’s products for chocolate

Packle is a producer of metallized papers, approved for direct food contact. They are ideal for chocolate packaging. Our paper-based products are eco-friendly, recyclable and yet also offer the glossy, premium, high-quality looks favored by brands and consumers.

Our finishes for chocolate bars are eye-catching and alluring – and are guaranteed to stand out on the shelf.

Sustainable chocolate wrap from Packle

Packle's products are paper-based, meaning they are recyclable and sustainable. They also present a number of technical benefits.

  • High barrier properties
  • Our paper-based chocolate wrap material is eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Approved for direct food contact and ideal for any size bar
  • Our products are print-ready and facilitate getting products to market quickly

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