What a night!

What a night!

All the takeaways from our fantastic launch in Boston...

Last Wednesday, Packle's team was in Boston for our exclusive launch event in the city. It was a fantastic evening and the launch event was a great success.

The event was held at the popular Taste Bar in Boston, and had a 'Taste and Explore' theme. The party was a fantastic opportunity for graphic designers, creative agencies, packaging designers and other members of Boston's celebrated creative sector to network and get to know more about Packle.

 Guests enjoyed delicious finger food, wine, local beers, soft drinks and famous Maine Root sodas. The relaxed event allowed us to talk more about how our products provide unique solutions to brands and designers. We also explored how our products are particularly useful as packaging sustainability is increasingly a key consideration. 

What makes Packle's products special?

At Packle, we're proud to produce eco-friendly monomaterial packaging finishes for a variety of applications. We solve one of today's most challenging problems for designers and brands by presenting a one-stop solution for making packaging finishes more eco-friendly, without losing the precious looks that make sales. Our products are sustainable but still have all the stylish, contemporary finishes that consumers love and are drawn to. 

We produce metallized and holographic papers and boards for multiple packaging applications. Our finishes are appealing, tactile and seize the limelight on the shelf and yet contain no plastics. Packle is, therefore, a sustainable, eco-friendly option for today's conscientious brands.



Packle's Boston launch event was a great success!