Sustainable packaging trends for fashion brands

Sustainable packaging trends for fashion brands

Let’s talk 2020 packaging trends…

Working towards mitigating environmental impact is a trend that’s sweeping all sectors and the fashion industry is no different. So just what are the sustainable packaging trends for fashion brands? 

Large fashion houses, household name brands, boutique lines and online retailers are shifting their focus to think more about how they can package and label their goods effectively and in a way that is better for the planet. Principally, they are looking at embracing recyclable packaging, using fewer plastic labels, boxes and bags, reducing single use plastics in their packaging and incorporating sustainably sourced materials.

What else might we see in 2020?

In fashion, looks are everything and 2020 will be no different for packaging and labels. Brands will continue to create bold finishes for fashion packaging, be that with minimalistic design or spirited use of color, the trend for strong packaging concepts isn't going anywhere. Clever use of inks, special finishes like custom holography and high-shine will also be popular looks, as brands look to stand out and entice repeat purchases in increasingly competitive marketplaces.

Consumers will lead the drive for sustainability (and commit to added cost)

Customers will be more vocal about their desire for today’s fashion brands to reduce single-use and hidden plastics in their packaging. As the general public becomes more educated about packaging, they are also likely to support the use of monomaterial packaging and labels that can be easily recycled.  

Interestingly, customers are becoming more understanding (and willing to absorb the costs) of sustainable packaging. Initial market research has shown the customers are willing to pay slightly more to purchase from brands that have recyclable or eco-friendly packaging, as customers look to make consistently sustainable purchases.

High fashion houses will look to retain classic looks, while embracing eco-friendly packaging

Large fashion houses will lead the way for pairing sustainable packaging all while retaining the classic looks of their packaging and labels.

Smaller and more local brands have been sometimes changed packaging or label looks to conform with the initial finishes associated with greener packaging materials (such as printed cardboard), but for larger fashion houses, the move wasn’t compatible with the customer desire for a premium experience. Instead they want to keep the brand looks their customers are used to. Packle is ideally placed to support brands looking to retain established brand looks with eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging and label solutions that retain classic, contemporary and special finishes.  

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