Introducing Clémentine Boehrer!

Introducing Clémentine Boehrer!

We're celebrating National Business Women's Week in the USA by showcasing some of the fantastic talent we're lucky enough to have in our company! First up, is Clémentine Boehrer...


Clémentine Boehrer is a Business Development Manager. She graduated as a Paper Science and Engineering Ingénieur (Engineer), having studied in her native France and in Finland. 

Looking to the future, Clémentine’s expects to see a shift towards sustainability and agile management as standard. ‘I believe that we will see agile management will more frequently and it will change our ways of working. I don’t think there will be any other choice than to run business with the mindset of sustainability. In many ways, it will change the ways we work together, and will be a big disruptor, but I believe that the companies that make first move to agile management will become the strongest in our field. Agile management will serve sustainability concerns but it also encompasses a lot more. I expect some companies will put agile management first and then move to apply it to sustainability,’ she says.

Having joined the company earlier this year, Clémentine enjoys working for a firm with a global mindset and a fresh way of running the business in combination with an extensive product range that offers innovative solutions. 

And what does success look like? ‘When I think of success, I think of it as something that is built. It comes with building the right team, building the right product, building the right network within a defined time frame to be ready. I think of success is sometimes a bit like waiting for a train. Sometimes even we think that we do everything according the books and with passion, we yet we still miss the train. But sometimes, everything goes well and you make it on board the train with a first class seat alongside your team. You can take a moment to look around at your team and see everybody is glowing from inside for a moment. This is for me, the moment when success becomes a living experience, not a simple word anymore,’ she explains.

Clementine Boehrer

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