How can banks innovate direct mail?

How can banks innovate direct mail?

Delivering continued success to credit card acquisition through direct mail is getting more, not less, challenging. So how can banks innovate direct mail?

It’s a phrase we often see flung around the far reaches of the internet: ‘Direct Mail isn’t dead!’, and yet bringing continued success to credit card acquisition through direct mail is getting more, not less, challenging. So how can banks innovate direct mail? Given bringing something new to the table remains one of the few, sure-fire ways of remaining competitive with direct mail, it's hardly surprising it's a question we're asked often.

And sure, the data and response rates tell us some of the story: direct mail still plays a big part in credit card client acquisition. But even when reflecting on past successes, levering missed opportunities in future campaigns and using market insights to reach new audiences, how much innovation is left in direct mail? With more competition and using such a mature channel, how can banks and financial institutions continue to bring a competitive edge to their campaigns?

It’s a long way from data and statistics, but when it comes to innovating direct mail, creativity and envelope looks remain absolutely key. Your audience have seen every lackluster heart shaped envelope for Valentine’s Day and the originality of a football-shaped offer sent ahead of the Super Bowl is long, long gone. Pairing the analysis of the data collected from your previous campaigns with the right ingenuity to deliver a campaign that’s truly appealing, is crucial when thinking about how to deliver a unique campaign.

And what does creativity look like? After all, you know as well as anyone that changing things up just for the sake of it, is about as useful as shooting arrows in the dark.

We'd suggest refocusing creative efforts on making direct mail envelopes convey something special. Inventive use of inks, color, copy, imagery and using specialty papers like ours that add irresistible appeal that hits home the moment (and we really do mean the split-second) your envelope is in the hands of your audience.

Packle produces specialty paper that can be used to create direct mail envelopes. By using our innovative envelope materials which include unique holographic finishes, has boosted the response rates of some of our customers by as much as 30%.

Innovating direct mail and finding new ways to success isn’t always about reinventing the wheel. Instead, it’s about finding cost-effective ways that align with your creative vision to deliver campaigns that really resonate with your target audience.  

Our specialty papers can help banks and financial institutions do just that: create meaningful connections that are memorable and – most importantly – are distinctive enough to make your target audience feel that you’ve invested in making an exceptional, personal proposition.

So when it comes to how to bring innovation in direct mail, we’ll leave you with this: the key to innovating direct mail is to use the tools and materials available to you to build unforgettable connections. There are undeniable benefits in digital advertising, but when it comes to building trusted, highly-valuable connections, direct mail still reigns supreme…

How can banks innovate direct mail? Shiny envelope example

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