Friday Focus - Roghi Kalan

Friday Focus - Roghi Kalan

In the first of our 'Friday Focus' series, we talk about science, chemistry, teamwork and creativity with Product Development Manager, Roghi Kalan.

Roghi Kalan is a Product Development Manager and has worked extensively in the science and research field for many years.  After completing her initial studies in Iran (Roghi has a BSc. and MSc in Chemistry) she came to the USA in 2011 to continue her studies, this time working towards a PhD degree. She graduated in 2015 and thereafter worked for 18 months as a post-doc researcher at the Worchester Polytechnic Institute.

Determined to continue to fulfil her passion for science (primarily material science), Roghi joined our team back in 2017. ‘I couldn’t be happier with my life and career at this point, but I work hard every day to reach a point higher and better than the day before. I love working with my hands, creating stuff, creating ideas, testing those ideas or improving the process or products I already have, these challenges can be in the lab, behind my computer, or even in the kitchen at home!’ says Roghi.

With extensive research skills and having worked at different schools and workplaces, what does Roghi enjoy most, and what is she most proud of? ‘I have always enjoyed working with intelligent and creative people, and I am also proud of my professional network. If I want to point on some physical accomplishments, I would like to say I am proud of my scientific publications,’ she says.

A job in science and product development can be challenging, but Roghi embraces all the complexity that naturally comes with her role. ‘Actually, I like how challenging my job can be. As part of a global Research and Development team, I work alongside many knowledgeable and intelligent people, presenting, discussing and finding a solution for each challenge. The element of strong teamwork within the company and being able to work together is my favorite part of my job,’ explains Roghi.

Aside from collaboration, Roghi likes to introduce new products – especially those that have ‘green’ or sustainable characteristics. ‘Thinking about my career and what I do, I enjoy playing a part – even if it’s a small role – in finding green and environmentally-friendly replacements for packaging to keep our planet clean and healthy. I am happy that my work plays a part in creating a better world for the next generation, and this aspect of my role makes me love my job even more,’ says Roghi in conclusion.

Friday Focus - Roghi Kalan

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