E-commerce packaging trends

E-commerce packaging trends

In order to get a slice of the pie, companies are having to get creative by offering ever more high-quality customer experiences, and they're starting with packaging.

Today, one thing is almost universally true for brands in the retail space: everyone is looking for a competitive edge in the market. Margins are already tight and customers are blasted with increasing amounts of advertising: offering free shipping is no longer cutting it in high states online rivalries. In order to get a slice of the pie, companies are having to get creative by offering ever more high-quality customer experiences. 

So while the popularity of e-commerce continues to grow, so does sustainability, and consumers are increasingly to their favorite brands to (literally) deliver eco-friendly packaging options that are recyclable.

E-commerce retailers on the other hand, favor branded boxes. Just a few short years ago, product boxes were the only branded e-commerce packaging, but increasingly, brands are looking to brand shipping boxes, too, in a bid to offer a more competitive and premium experience.

Customers, for their part, love fully branded boxes shipping boxes, but they are also savvier when it comes to what is – and isn’t easily recyclable. Already they know that mixing PET outer-liners with cardboard can be complicated for some recycling facilities to handle, so paper, although ‘old school’ is firmly back in vogue in packaging – both from the consumer and the brand standpoint.

And it isn’t just consumers looking for environmentally friendly packaging options. Online vendors also recognise the need to explore plastic-free product packaging, but for many, it isn’t as easy as simply reverting back to basics with unicolour cardboard boxes:  companies offering high-end goods can hardly forgo branding and luxury finishes on packaging, and they understandably want to provide an attractive and memorable visual experience when unwrapping products.

Today, branded delivery boxes are also an opportunity to grow brand awareness while your packages are out on the road. Packle’s solution gives you the ability to finish shipping boxes in an innovative and alluring way. Say goodbye to the plain boxes, and hello to bright colours and modern, eye-catching finishes that range from matte, to iridescent to high gloss.

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