Looking to deliver a direct mail campaign this Christmas?

Looking to deliver a direct mail campaign this Christmas?

Worried you’ve left it too late to organize a direct mail campaign for Christmas this year? Don't worry, Packle is here to help!

Still hoping to run a Christmas direct mail campaign? Yes, there's still (just!) enough time to do it and we'd love to help you!

Direct mail: still delivering results

First things first, though, let’s talk about why direct mail is so exciting – after all didn’t someone say that direct mail is a bit…yesterday in the digital age? We’d be the first to disagree, and even argue that it’s the rise of technology and digital advertising that has made direct mail so effective.

Let’s give you some statistics. Direct mail remains a highly effective way of advertising. Where just 20-30% of email gets opened, it’s estimated that a stunning 80-90% of direct mail gets opened. Direct mail also earns around 37x more responses than email. We could go on, but to cut a long and convincing story short: direct mail can help generate leads and sales - just what you're looking for this Christmas. (Direct mail is especially effective when targeted to millennials, by the way).

Why is Christmas a great time to run a direct mail campaign?

Back to Christmas, why might you be thinking about getting a direct campaign out in time for the festive season? If the statistics didn’t pique your interest, there are several other reasons why Christmas is a great time to run a campaign. 

Firstly, customers are thinking about gifts and the purchases they need to make: they are receptive and open to considering offers. Talking of offers, it’s also the perfect time to launch or present a new deal, bargain or product. It’s also the ideal time to offer rewards to steadfast customers who have been loyal throughout the year. Whatever your motivation, well-executed direct mail campaigns during the Christmas period can be very effective and can offer great ROI.

Let’s talk 2020

Another consideration is that now isn’t only the time to be thinking about a Christmas direct mail campaign. It’s still possible to get a bespoke campaign out in the last few weeks leading up the festive season, but perhaps you want to think further into the future? What about direct mail campaigns to coincide with your January sales? How about bargins in time for the Superbowl or those romantic Valentine’s Day offers? In direct mail terms, now is a great time to start thinking about your Q1 2020 campaigns, too.

What works best at Christmas?

There are lots of different things to send at Christmas. While most brands think extensively about offers or advertising, Christmas cards can be just as (if not more) effective. Genuine, joyful greetings can be a way to generate authentic, lasting connections with your target audience, and despite the fact that recipients know they are part of a bulk mail send, they still appreciate the personal touch - something that digital advertising is hard-pressed to deliver.

 Less competition this Christmas

In the run-up to Christmas, brands understandably ramp up their digital advertising in a bid to get their products or services in front of customers. It’s a highly competitive time of the year, and some companies can struggle to find a way to make an impact in all the noise of the online market place.  

A Christmas direct mail campaign can present some exciting opportunities for brands that want to maximize their ROI. As lots of companies overlook direct mail as a fantastic way to generate new leads and potential sales, it means that there's an opportunity for the taking. All this is fantastic news for anyone looking to put out a direct mail campaign this Christmas: it can be easier to make an impact with direct mail than with digital advertising.

Christmas is the perfect time to personalize and build valuable connections

Delivering an extraordinary direct mail campaign at Christmas is the ideal way to connect more deeply with customers. Presenting an fun direct mail campaign at Christmas can help businesses deliver a welcome dose of fun over the busy festive period. By choosing Christmas to deliver a high-quality, memorable direct mail campaign into the hands of their target audience, brands can nurture valuable connections throughout the following year. 

How can we help you deliver a direct mail campaign for Christmas?

Whether it's for a Christmas campaign, New Year’s sales offer, or if you’re thinking of further ahead to a Valentine’s Day launch, your direct mail envelopes will be one of the most influential features of your campaign.

For the most successful Christmas direct mail campaign, you’ll want to think about bright, festive colors on innovative envelopes that inspire and delight recipients. Envelopes in brilliant, cheerful and jewel-like hues will stir interest in your offering – Christmas certainly isn’t the time for dull, boring envelopes.

Packle produces a portfolio of recyclable metallized and holographic papers that give direct mail envelopes exceptional looks. 

Our papers are particularly ideal for Christmas campaigns, given when printed on, the metallic undertones create rich, vibrant and exciting envelopes. Just what you need to make your direct mail campaign stand out from the crowd.  

While it’s still short notice, we can support smaller print runs turn around a direct mail campaign in time for Christmas (but time is running out, so contact us quickly if we can assist you!) 

Our products are used by large and mid-sized corporations, and we have supported our clients to increase their direct mail responses by up to 30%, when they use our innovative envelope materials. 

Christmas direct mail campaign delivery

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