Airline miles credit card acquisition with direct mail

Airline miles credit card acquisition with direct mail

When it comes to acquiring new airline miles credit card customers, direct mail needs to go the extra mile. We explore the ways Packle's team helps direct mail campaigns take off.

When you’re playing the direct mail game in the big leagues, (we’re talking responsibility for multimillion dollar budgets, complex omnichannel marketing, high-level analysis, understanding the different audience touchpoints and customer lifecycles), the stakes are high: you need more than just a few innovative ideas to boost that all-important campaign ROI.

Especially for anyone whose focus is airline miles credit card acquisition, we know that there are a specific set of challenges. Your target audience can be customers are loyal to certain airlines and reward systems, and getting your target group to consider your offer can be a challenge.

Making sure your direct mail offering is both memorable and superior enough to capture the attention of a your target group can require new and innovative envelope materials, a flexible and understanding supply chain and partners who understand your business and its demands.

At Packle, we produce specialty metallic and holographic papers that can be used to make direct mail envelopes that are ideal for airline miles direct card acquisition. When using our innovative envelope materials, our products are proven to boost response rates by up to 30%. (Contact us, if you’d like some samples or to chat about our results!)

Direct mail is about more than pretty envelopes though, and it’s this extensive understanding of how to add value to campaigns for credit card acquisition that defines our relationships with our clients. We’re proud to lend seasoned support and experience to our customers through the testing and design phases of every one of their direct mail campaigns.  

If it’s supplying two types of paper to help you test with different messages and looks for initial target audiences, testing concepts and supporting you implement whatever you learn from A/B testing to refining ideas, our team are on hand every step of the way.

Our highly experienced team are also on hand to support you in other ways, too: we understand that the world of data and information in direct mail isn’t as black and white as you’d like, and data rarely tells the whole story. What better then, than a team with extensive experience who can lend their insights into optimizing direct mail ROI? In essence, we’re here to help however we can…if it’s by helping you understand new materials that can help bring you new opportunities in the market, how you can use our products to reach new customers, which products are likely to appeal to new target audiences or practices to reduce costs and waste, we’d love to help.

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